We always welcome interest from new members.  Members who wish to be considered for a principal role are asked to audition in front of a panel.

The Director, Musical Director and (depending on the show) Choreographer will select material from the show for each character audition.

To audition for a part, you will usually be required to 

  • Learn one or two songs from the show
  • Learn a section of dialogue 

Depending on the show a movement audition or workshop may be required

Audition panel 

  • Director 
  • Musical Director
  • Choreographer 
  • Committee member 
  • Society member
  • Society Chair (to observe)
  • Society Secretary (to administrate) 
  • an independent / outsider (usually from another local society)

Depending on the show we may not require a choreographer.

The idea of an independent panel member is to have someone impartial.

Usually the piano will be played by the Musical Director.  However sometimes we may use an audition pianist. They are asked to step out while casting is discussed and finalised.

Successful auditionees will receive a phone call from the society Secretary on the day of the audition.

If parts are not cast after the first audition second auditions will be held.  If parts are still not cast after the second audition, they may then be offered by the panel to members or non members.

Only fully paid up members of the society can audition for principal roles.